Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Your Kids (And Someone Else's!) to Work Day!

This is a day that Hayley and Em look forward to all year long. Daddy has been taking them into the office for probably five years now, spoiling them with treats and popcorn and soda. This year, though, has the added benefit that Emma's best friend, Ashlyn, came along. (Em was so excited last night that she couldn't sleep!)

In the past, Emma was too young to really understand we h so Scott just let the whole "job shadowing" thing go. It was really just a fun half day with Dad.

This year, though, I told him that I wanted the kids to actually learn something about what he does. He said, "Yeah, I'll have to think of some fun activities for them." I looked at him and rattled off a few suggestions. Which he loved, thank you very much. :)

So this morning dawned with Emma putting on a fancy "work" dress ("because you have to look nice when you go to work, right, Mom?") and Hayley putting on a non-wrinkled shirt and a pair of non-holey kneed jeans (which is about as nice as sheet dresses). They left on time and picked up Ashlyn -- I hadn't heard a peep since until just a few minutes ago.

Everything is going swimmingly! (And I don't mean they're swimming in the boss' pool which is right outside the office, although they would have if the weather had been warmer!) Scott had the three of them come up with concepts and design their own websites. Then they had to present to a focus group (Scott and two other employees), using the white board to illustrate their ideas! I love it!

Apparently they're loving it, too, because I could hear them giggling in the background. Scott got some photos that I'll put in here later today. When I drop Ashlyn off at home, I'm going to have the girls do their presentations again. I can't wait to see what they came up with!

And this time I'm going to get video! (I'll try to post that, too.)

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