Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photos! Photos! Photos! Come and see the photos!

Me and my BFM (Best Friend Mom)
My parents are so goofy
The gang just after Matthew's baptism
Hayley and Emma are giving Murphy a bath
The World's Most Patient Dog
The girls *adore* Murphy and will do anything for him!
"Look, Mom!" said Hayley. "It's our new baby!"
Every time we leave their house, we beg Mom and Dad to let us take Murphy.
Who wouldn't want this adorable doggie? (I'm not a dog person and even I want to keep him!)


Coupon Dealios!

Watch out stores, I'm back in action!

I've made the rounds to CVS, Target and Rite-Aid over the past couple days and boy howdy! I've come home a couple dollars plus a bunch of items richer!

This bunch o' almost free stuff is from Rite-Aid. Out of pocket, including tax? $4.14! There's also a full rebate on the Got2B hair spray, so I'll get $4.99 cash back in a few weeks! Profit!

Woot woot!

I didn't take a pic of the CVS stuff. I came home with an 18 ct. box of tampons and three 2.6 oz. canisters of Pringles all for FREE-O!!! (I did have to pay tax, though. Natch.)

I've opted to delete Walgreen's from my weekly rounds of couponing. Number one... the store's just out of the way. It's not far, per say, about five miles or so. It's just not in a direction I ever go, so it's not like I can combine it with other errands. Number two... They are always, always out of what's on sale. One of the checkers told me that a woman comes in on Sunday mornings and gets whatever she can for free. She donates everything to charity, which is awesome, but it'd be nice if she left more for the rest of the populous of our neck of the woods. (Walgreens doesn't have a huge presence here in San Diego like Rite-Aid and CVS do, so it's not like I can just try another.)

Right now, I'm heading out to Ralph's. I did a big shop yesterday and got some great deals, but they're having a BIG sale from 1-9pm. Raspberries are FREE with this coupon (.50/1 printable coupon). I've also got a couple coupons for Johnsonville brats, so a full pack will be $1.49 or so. Yay!


Back from the Dead

I'd like to erase the past two weeks. They have not been fun. At. All.

First the sinus infection which wiped me out. The antibiotics gifted me with a full set of side effects. The side effects then bred a secondary infection and more side effects.

Ugh. Ouch. Wah!!!!!

I don't like this one itty-bitty bit. Two weeks of my life were sucked into the Sick Zone never to be seen again.


Now I'm back in the (mostly) Healthy Zone and feel like posting again! (Really, no one wanted to hear what I've had to say over the past two weeks. Trust me on that one.)

So waaayyyy back before I received the "Go Directly to Sick Zone" card, the fam and I spent several days up north with mi familia. My 7 year-old nephew, Matthew, was baptized and I am his GODMOTHER! Yippee!!! I've never been asked to be a godmother before and I feel very honored now!

Emma, photographer of the event, caught some awesome shots...

Cool, huh?

I have lots more to say and share, but ya'll will have to wait until after I pay some bills and make a few phone calls. TTYL!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Perking up!

It's 4:49pm and I haven't been asleep since 11am. Yay! I even have a decent amount of energy. So much so that I took the girls out for an hour... since it is the first day of summer, I decided we needed some ice cream.

Yummy yum yum!

And in 8 minutes, we'll leave for the airport to pick up Dear Husband! He's been camping in Idaho (sort of) with my bro for the past week. The reason I say "sort of" camping is because they actually only camped for two days.

They drove for two days to get to the campsite, camped for two days and are driving back for two days. The weather bested their camping plans, so they packed up early. I get it. I wouldn't want to camp in the cold, wet weather either. (Jess, you KNOW what I'm talkin' about!!!)

But it seems kind of a bummer to spend so much money on gas (bro's big, honkin' truck towing a Jeep gets a whopping 10 mpg), camping fees and all, to turn around and have to pay much more than anticipated in hotel and restaurant costs.

But at least hubby is coming home! But then he leaves again right away for an overnighter. But then he's home again! But then he's gone for a whole week. But after that? I have no idea. *sigh*

I'll just enjoy him while he's here! Good thing I'm perking up... *wink wink* LOL!


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sick. Urgent Care. Sinus infection.

Husband camping.

Helpful daughters.

Exhausted. Blank mind.

Gone with the Wind. All four hours.

Tomorrow will be better. I hope.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hayley's an official high schooler!!!!!!!!!!!

She was officially promoted this past Thursday in front of 500 other students and twice as many parents and other various family members. Everyone clapped, but Scott and I... we cheered and shouted and laughed. We're so  very, very proud...

Our graduate!!!
Hayley, Olivia and Esther
Hayley and the school principal
Shaking hands with a school board member

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I need a baby.

Good thing we're adopting.

This is our new little friend, John Paul, JP for short.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 year olds ballroom dancing. Can't get much cuter than this...

Part of the 6th grade curriculum is ballroom dancing. Go figure. (I guess not all is lost in public school eduction!)

After practicing for 6 weeks, the kids performed at their Friday morning assembly. You have to watch this. It's So. Darned. Cute. I just can't stand it.

Emma is, of course, in joyful blue polka dot dress (complete with crinoline! hahaha!) (I think her partner likes her, btw. I love it!)


**Proud Mama Alert!! Proud Mama Alert!! Proud Mama Alert!!**

Yesterday was a big day in the Delicious household! Emma was officially promoted to the 6th grade! Wahoo!!!

And before 105 kiddos in the graduating class of her elementary school received their diplomas, the teachers presented awards. And guess which one Emma received??

The Presidential Award for Academic Excellence! The certificate is signed by Obama and everything. Ooooh, she's excited by that.

Standing up in front of a huge, applauding crowd
We had no idea whatsoever that she'd be receiving an award. And when I heard this particular one was for academic excellence, I honestly didn't peg her for it. Not that she doesn't do fantastic on everything in school, but with the homework issue and all... I just didn't expect it.

The award is about more than just academic excellence, though. The recipient must also be involved in service projects, music and a number of other facets of well-roundedness. And that would be my all-around great girl.

I'm so proud!!!

And my Hayley-girl... well, she just blew us away at her award ceremony. Scott and I received an invitation to the ceremony, so we knew she'd been getting something. We just didn't know what.

How excited were we to hear our girl's name called THREE times! She received awards for: Honor Society; Academic Excellence in Science and Academic Excellence in Language Arts.

Sorry this photo isn't great. Hard to get great shots from across an auditorium. :)

Go, Hayley, Go!!!!!!!!

We'll be up and out early Thursday morning for Hayley's promotion ceremony and then we'll officially have a HIGH SCHOOLER!!!

Holy moly. That's all I have to say. Holy moly.

Oh wait. I do I have more to say. (Of course I do. Hello!?! This is the one place where I can chatter away. Hahaha.)

My girls are awesome and amazing. So there.