Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Perking up!

It's 4:49pm and I haven't been asleep since 11am. Yay! I even have a decent amount of energy. So much so that I took the girls out for an hour... since it is the first day of summer, I decided we needed some ice cream.

Yummy yum yum!

And in 8 minutes, we'll leave for the airport to pick up Dear Husband! He's been camping in Idaho (sort of) with my bro for the past week. The reason I say "sort of" camping is because they actually only camped for two days.

They drove for two days to get to the campsite, camped for two days and are driving back for two days. The weather bested their camping plans, so they packed up early. I get it. I wouldn't want to camp in the cold, wet weather either. (Jess, you KNOW what I'm talkin' about!!!)

But it seems kind of a bummer to spend so much money on gas (bro's big, honkin' truck towing a Jeep gets a whopping 10 mpg), camping fees and all, to turn around and have to pay much more than anticipated in hotel and restaurant costs.

But at least hubby is coming home! But then he leaves again right away for an overnighter. But then he's home again! But then he's gone for a whole week. But after that? I have no idea. *sigh*

I'll just enjoy him while he's here! Good thing I'm perking up... *wink wink* LOL!


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Kidsncats said...

Yeah camping + rain = Suck Well, its not so bad if it is JUST rain, but it never is -- it's always wind too! LOL at least for me! But, I broke my wet trend -- the baseball field sleepout we did, it was windy but DRY. Hoping Big Bear will have good weather! Glad Scott is back, even though he's gone again....enjoy whatever time you can scramble together!