Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saying Farewell

Delicious Readers, it's time for me to say good-bye. It may not be forever, but for the foreseeable future, I won't be posting on Delicious as Pie.

The reasons are many, but the biggest reasons? I'm not seeing any return on investment, per se. I haven't gotten any new followers in months and reader comments are virtually non-existent. I average 20 readers a day, but after three years, I'd hoped for more.

Delicious as Pie started out as a fun way to build a "platform". A "platform" is the current buzzword in the writing community that means you have a following. You can be famous. An world-renowned expert. Or a blogger with thousands of followers that will buy your book. Agents/editors can't afford to take a chance on a nobody; they want proof that your book will sell many, many copies.

In the beginning, I dreamed that Delicious as Pie would take off and spread its wings across the world. Even through weeks and weeks of feeling like no one was reading, I kept typing away, hoping and praying that somehow my baby blog would be recognized. Then, when I finally finished my first novel, I could tell the book-buying powers-that-be that yes, my book would sell because I have 10,000 followers waiting with baited breath to buy multiple copies.

That dream has dissipated with this morning's fog.

I understand that my humor is a little wonky and that few (if any) of my posts are typo-free. Maybe these are off-putting to readers. Or maybe people just aren't interested in me and my writing. People are busy and my blog doesn't make the cut into their daily lives. And while I can't say the disappointment doesn't sting a little, it's okay. 

Honestly, the entire endeavor has become a chore, another thing on my to-do list to avoid. I find myself wondering why I should bother when my end goal never gets any closer. So it's time for a sabbatical.

Thanks for sticking with me, Delicious Readers. I have truly appreciated each and every time you've visited.