Friday, June 12, 2009

Joy to Diet Raspberry Snapple!

Fred Meyer discontinued it.

WalMart doesn't even carry it.

I very rarely shop anywhere else.

And I was out of it. And was sad. And thirsty.

But hallelujah! I have it again!! (Imagine celestial light shining down on the graphic below. LOL!)

After a quick trip to the postal distribution center yesterday to pick up a certified letter, I decided to stop at Safeway, just to see if by chance they had any.

They did! They did! It was all I could do to contain my excitement. LOL I bought out the four packs on the shelf (which were on a very good sale, thank you very much) and now am happily drinking my favorite calorie-free beverage.

There's a sign outside a church on the way to the office that says, "Take time to enjoy the little things. There are so many of them."

They're right. There are so many little things... Diet Raspberry Snapple among them.

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