Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature vs. Nurture?

The past few days have found the D___ household knee deep in Legos. With Brandon and Matthew here, we had to pull out the one "boy" toy we had -- an extraordinarily large box of Legos.

Five days plus four kids plus ten zillion Legos equals hours and hours of playtime!

Yesterday, I looked up from the kitchen table (where I was working on my laptop). Brandon was running around with his Lego spaceship apparently shooting the enemy.

Emma, meanwhile, was sitting on the floor with a few flat pieces and several tiny plastic people. She had built a table and sat her people all around it.

"What are your people doing, Em?" I asked.

"They're sitting around the table having a discussion, Mom."

Hhhhmmmm.... Boy shooting. Girl discussing.

Nature vs. nurture... you decide. LOL!

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