Monday, June 15, 2009

Thumbs down to FaceBook

I'm so disgusted with it that I canceled my account. It kept sending emails to people with my name that I didn't send or approve. And when I first signed up for the account, I specified a few people that I wanted to "invite" and it invited my entire contact list!

You guys know that contacts lists remember everything, from the person you emailed once about a Craig's List ad to the Girl Scout Yahoo group. Plus, I seem to have most of our church congregation in my Contacts because I was VBS Director last year. People keep coming up to me at church and telling me, "I got your FB invite..." How embarrassing!!!

I did catch up with a couple old friends, but other than that, the only useful part of it was the long distance Scrabble that my mom and I could play.

So I wash my hands of FB completely.


Marin said...

Hi Kate,
I agree with you, Facebook is dupping many people. I think it is an evil scheme to eventually brainwash all of their users. Plus it clogs up our email in-box. Marin is a member, I'm not. But on the up-side, i was glad to see that you had discovered Renaissance Ice Cream. my favorite place to consume sundays & saturdays.


Kate said...

LOL! ICR is the *best*! Have you had their orange mango sherbet? It goes sooo well with their chocolate. Oh yum!

Good thing ICR isn't closer to us over here in East Vancouver. Otherwise, I'd be broke and huge!

Kidsncats said...

Bummer but I agree - there is more to not like than to like....
Too bad we didn't get time to word-game but I am sure there are other ways if we ever get the urge!