Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretend this post is from last Thursday...

No more teachers
No more books
No more teachers'
Dirty looks!

School's out and I officially have a fourth grader and a seventh grader!

Summer seems to be a mixed blessing for many parents. It's a welcome break from making lunch at 7am, frantic searches for library books and "Quick, Mom! Sign my planner! The bus is coming down the street!"

My relief is palpable. Now lunches can be made at lunchtime, library books need only be searched for once every three weeks and the bus is not coming!!! Woohoo!

But flip that summertime frisbee of relief over and you'll see... the kids are home full time for ten weeks; the arguing starts at 8am; the whining over instrument practice starts at 10am; and "Moooooooommmmm, I bored" starts just after lunch.

Last summer I started working part time from home and that was challenging, but we made it work. This summer, I'm working full time. Good luck to me and the girls!

I figure I'll start working by 6am, then work straight through to 2pm. That will give me my eight hours of work and then I'll be able to spend time with the girls. Sounds completely doable to me. Until 5:45am when the alarm goes off. Then the plan goes off with the alarm.

But with camps and travel, visits and VBS, play dates and bike rides, we'll have lots of time to work and play both. (And blog, I promise!)

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