Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Omelets in a Ziploc

My mom sent me an email recipe the other day for omelets cooked in a Ziploc bag. I'd heard the recipe before and it definitely did sound fun and quick, especially since everyone makes their own!

For lack of anything else to cook for dinner last night (since I once again did not make it to the grocery store), the girls and I made these omelets.

The result! Yum-O!!

1. Write the omelet eater's name with a Sharpie on the outside of the Ziploc. The email recipe said to use quart size, but I only had sandwich and gallon, so we used the gallon.

2. Crack two eggs into the bag. (Not more than two, the recipe warns!) For ease of use, I set our gallon bags in a crock-shaped container. (Yes, it is a Baskin Robbins container!)

3. Add whatever ingredients you like into your omelet bag (that you've prepped, of course). We had cheese and sausage.

4. Squeeze the air out, zip the bag shut, then mush it, shake it or, as Emma seemed to like best, toss it! You've got to break up those eggs and mix all the ingredient together.

5. Place your Ziplocs in rolling, boiling water for 13 minutes, then pull them out.
6. Cut off your Ziploc bag just above the cooked omelet. (I'd planned on skipping this step since I reuse my Ziplocs. That ended up not being such a great plan since the entire bags were not submerged. There was still some uncooked egg mixture near the top.

7. Roll the omelet out onto plate. But be careful! The bags will be hot!

8. Enjoy!


Barbara said...

Wow! I'm glad it worked! Who ate the olives?

Kate said...

Olives? Eeew! There were no olives! Only cheese and sausage!

Kate said...

Oh, finally figured out what you were talking about! Those are grapes! LOL!

Kidsncats said...

I've always wanted to do this....now that you've had success I'm totally trying this!

Barbara said...

It really does work. I did it ... backwards. I had the eggs, milk and cheese mixed before I decided to do this method. But I measured exactly half into each bag, add some OLIVES! to mine and put them into boiling water. Ten minutes later - voila! Omelets! The only problem was that the bags started to melt because I used my 3 quart pot. Once I realized the problem, I made sure the tops were turned inward. No water leaked in. The eggs were perfectly done; the cheese was creamy. YUMMO! Watch out, Rachel! Usually, I do 3 egg omelets and Dad gets about 1/3 of it, sometimes not eating it all. Tonight he ate a whole 2 egg omelet, a piece of toast, and a portion of Potatoes O'Brien. It must be a success!

Kendall's Mom said...

This sounds like a great idea for camping!!