Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Propeller Head

Yup, that's me. Propeller Head. Because my head is spinning so fast with everything that needs attention right now.

Here's what I'm up against:

1. The lease on my minivan is up in three weeks.
2. We're struggling to get someone to fix the issues in our MI house.
3. We have to rewrite the lease for the renters in the MI house. (Yes, they're staying, but at a greatly reduced rate.)
4. Working full-time and up against a huge deadline!
5. School is out in 15 short days.
6. I desperately need to make reservations for the trip to the OR coast Scott and I are taking this summer. If I don't do it soon, availability will be zip!
7. End of year teacher gifts. Enough said.
8. Girl Scouts Bridging ceremony is next Monday, here at my house. That means I have to clean, doesn't it?
9. Hayley and her best friend have apparently "broken up". She's devastated.
10. I really need to review our life insurance.

I'm sure there's more, but that's what's coming to mind right now. Oh, and of course, keeping up with Delicious as Pie! I often open it up to post, but then don't have the energy.

And gosh darn it, Scott just bought me the Scrabble iPhone app! Now all I want to do is play!!! (LOL, as Emma says... "He is just so good to you!" She's totally right. I'm a lucky lady!)

Today is yet another early day, but this time only the elementary grades have one. We'll see how much work I get done with Emma talk, talk, talking away!

So I will write more soon, I promise. Stick with me, Delicious Readers! I have so many great post ideas!

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