Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spider bites suck. Well, bite really. Ah ha ha ha ha!

From the always available internet, I've deducted that I have two jumping spider bites. They're the most common biting spider in the state and my symptoms correspond with the diagnosis.

I remember getting super itchy on my upper stomach last night, but it went away soon enough. This morning while in the bath (yes, my wonderful husband drew me an unheard of Sunday morning bath - aahhh) I noticed two huge bite marks. They weren't itchy, so I ignored them, enjoyed my bath and later went to church.

But on the way home, I began to feel a little off. Kind of achy like when you're getting a fever. But I felt just fine. As soon as I got out of the car, a cool breeze blew right through me and I instantly felt freezing. Came in, changed out of my cute summer dress, put on jeans, a t-shirt, socks and a hoodie and was *still* cold!

When the chill didn't dissipate, I took my temp. Yup, a low grade fever. But I still felt fine. So weird.

I pulled the hammock into the sun in the back yard and got comfy with my book. Eventually I did warm up and in fact, got too warm, and came inside. Checked my temp again and it was higher still. I was hoping it was because I'd been sitting in the summer sun utilizing my winter wardrobe, but even after an hour inside and a sizable bowl of ice cream, it was slightly higher still -- currently about 101. The chills came back a bit ago and I snuggled under two blankets and fell asleep for a few minutes. I felt better when I woke up to watch the end of "Henry Poole Was Here" (weird movie, I tell ya) with Scott -- the shivers had shivered themselves out.

And that brings us so now. Still have that temp, but other than a small headache, I'm feel normal. But my online sources say to keep as still as possible until the symptoms fade so that the poison won't spread towards my heart.

Well, ok, then. Relaxing is fine, except when your husband is acting stressed and it's dinner time. Then relaxing is just no fun at all.

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Country Wife said...

Ack! Jumping spiders?? Those guys at the zoo said they are harmless. (I have no idea why jumping spiders belong in the zoo.) Yikes. The place I work is literally crawling with those little hairy creeps (jumping spiders, not zoo guys). Ack again! Hope you are better by now.