Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another one of those darned lessons learned...

You know how you're supposed to throw out last year's sunscreen each summer and buy new?

Yeah, you might want to actually do that.

I didn't. Oh sure, I did buy fresh sunscreen (70 SPF even!) but it didn't make it into Hayley's bag today. So we used what she did bring -- last year's.

And now I have two very burnt, very lobstered daughters. The poor things are in pain.

So after four hours in the pool and a multi-town search for camping supplies, they collapsed onto the couch to watch The Princess Diaries for the hundredth time. But they begged beforehand for ice packs to ease their suffering.

Haha, I dug through the freezer and found the proverbial bag of frozen peas. Except for the fact that they were frozen fruit. Now as sit here typing away, each of them is enjoying the benefits of fruit. Not internally as I could wish, but I'll take the benefits of fruit where I can get them! LOL


Barbara said...

Sorry for the pain but the picture is too cute!

Kidsncats said...

Owie! Sorry to see this! Sammie is recovering from a bad sunburn at the moment too. She had perfectly good sunscreen with her and CHOSE to not reapply it between her swim team practices...and since I drop her off, I was not there to police things. She blistered on the shoulders and is now peeling.

100% Aloe Gel works wonderfully, by the way.....put on a THICK layer of it -- and keep going that -- and while it is icky -- skin will soak it up and the burn will heal much more quickly....Sammie did this for a few days and it was looking great, then had another 'slacker' day and didn't reapply, so now the burns are burnt... :(