Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And pretend this post is from last Friday...

Please don't send the environmental police after me!

I made a new car decision based not on environmentally friendly factors, but on cost basis. After much calculation, we decided that a hybrid vehicle was not as bank account friendly as we thought it out to be. More expensive by several thousand dollars, even the gas savings over the life of the vehicle would not cancel out that extra cost.

I also didn't buy used, so now I need to buy bigger shoes for my carbon footprint.

But.... The manufacturing of a hybrid vehicle takes 20 pounds of nickel to make one battery. The emissions from the manufacture, mining and transportation of the nickel cancels out the benefit to the environment that the car delivers with its better mileage. So maybe I don't need to buy those bigger shoes after all??

So are you yelling at the computer yet, "Alright, already! So what did you buy?"

Ok, ok. I'll answer.

I bought a brand-spanking new (15 miles on the odometer new) Hyundai Santa Fe. See?

Third row, fold down seating, lots of leg room, but not all the bells and whistles. I'm a minimalist, remember? I just don't need heated seats, a sunroof, etc. and I sure as heck didn't want to pay for them!

Scott took over the numbers portion of the deal, so I only briefly had to hold onto my hyperventilation paper bag. We got a really good deal on it -- much better than any other dealer offered us.

(BTW, if you're local to the Portland metro area, DO NOT under any circumstances go to Beaverton Hyundai. The best way to describe it in one word? EEEEEEWWWWWW!!! I won't go into detail, but let's just say, there was something of questionable means stuck to the steering wheel of a car I test drove. Ugh. I get the heebie-geebies just thinking about it. Go instead to Vancouver Hyundai. They were phenomenal! I would definitely buy from them again.)

So we've been tootling around town enjoying the new ride. The lease was up on my mini-van as of July 2, plus I only had 120 miles left before my 24,000 mile allotment was fulfilled.

My bro and his boys are coming to visit tomorrow (Saturday). Since his truck nor Scott's itty-bitty car can hold all seven of us, it was time to come face-to-face with my panic attack demons and get a new car.

Now it's time to come up with a name for it. Look at the picture and send over some suggestions! The winner will win a thank you note signed by the car itself! Ok, that might be kind of messy so never mind. You will earn my undying thanks!


Barbara said...

Sally Santa Fe!

Kate said...

LOL! Not feelin' it, though. -K.

Kendall's Mom said...

CUTE wheels!!! What was the name of the Lone Ranger's horse? Wasn't his horse kind of silver... was that the name? I would say silver bullet, but that makes me think of beer and I know that's not what we're going for here... congrats on your new ride!