Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back from the Dead

I'd like to erase the past two weeks. They have not been fun. At. All.

First the sinus infection which wiped me out. The antibiotics gifted me with a full set of side effects. The side effects then bred a secondary infection and more side effects.

Ugh. Ouch. Wah!!!!!

I don't like this one itty-bitty bit. Two weeks of my life were sucked into the Sick Zone never to be seen again.


Now I'm back in the (mostly) Healthy Zone and feel like posting again! (Really, no one wanted to hear what I've had to say over the past two weeks. Trust me on that one.)

So waaayyyy back before I received the "Go Directly to Sick Zone" card, the fam and I spent several days up north with mi familia. My 7 year-old nephew, Matthew, was baptized and I am his GODMOTHER! Yippee!!! I've never been asked to be a godmother before and I feel very honored now!

Emma, photographer of the event, caught some awesome shots...

Cool, huh?

I have lots more to say and share, but ya'll will have to wait until after I pay some bills and make a few phone calls. TTYL!


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