Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coupon Dealios!

Watch out stores, I'm back in action!

I've made the rounds to CVS, Target and Rite-Aid over the past couple days and boy howdy! I've come home a couple dollars plus a bunch of items richer!

This bunch o' almost free stuff is from Rite-Aid. Out of pocket, including tax? $4.14! There's also a full rebate on the Got2B hair spray, so I'll get $4.99 cash back in a few weeks! Profit!

Woot woot!

I didn't take a pic of the CVS stuff. I came home with an 18 ct. box of tampons and three 2.6 oz. canisters of Pringles all for FREE-O!!! (I did have to pay tax, though. Natch.)

I've opted to delete Walgreen's from my weekly rounds of couponing. Number one... the store's just out of the way. It's not far, per say, about five miles or so. It's just not in a direction I ever go, so it's not like I can combine it with other errands. Number two... They are always, always out of what's on sale. One of the checkers told me that a woman comes in on Sunday mornings and gets whatever she can for free. She donates everything to charity, which is awesome, but it'd be nice if she left more for the rest of the populous of our neck of the woods. (Walgreens doesn't have a huge presence here in San Diego like Rite-Aid and CVS do, so it's not like I can just try another.)

Right now, I'm heading out to Ralph's. I did a big shop yesterday and got some great deals, but they're having a BIG sale from 1-9pm. Raspberries are FREE with this coupon (.50/1 printable coupon). I've also got a couple coupons for Johnsonville brats, so a full pack will be $1.49 or so. Yay!


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