Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ok, so maybe Hayley won't be cooking dinner for a while..

You see, Emma has swim twice a week at 5pm -- prime cooking dinner hour. Since I have to take her, it's Hayley's responsibility to cook dinner and have it ready when we get home.

Success has been a little hard for her to come by, especially tonight.

She completely forgot the veggies.

The mac n cheese (from a box) came out overcooked and chunky!?

She set the microwave for half an hour to cook the chicken.

Yes, she did press Start.

But she didn't check to see if the chicken was actually in there!

It. Wasn't.

I had prepped it and popped it in the fridge, then told her to put the chicken in and cook it for half an hour.

So what happens when you set a high powered microwave on high for 30 minutes WITHOUT FOOD IN IT?

Well, nothing at first.

Then you start to hear strange noises. So you call Mom (who left her cell phone at home). Then you call Dad and actually follow his instructions. (Turn not off and do not touch it.)

Starving mom comes in ready to chow and discovers a microwave with a destroyed rotating plate and a melted rotating mechanism.

And. No. Dinner.

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Valerie Geary said...

hehehheee..... hey, she tried... right?? :) hopefully you had an apple or something in the fridge!!