Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deliciously Great Green News!

Got the gas bill today and by turning my thermostat down to 67 degrees, my bill went down 30%!! And not only that, but according to various sources, I saved 1000 lbs of C02 from entering the atmosphere!

Yahoo! *Doing the Happy Dance!*

Of course, PUD decided to raise their rates so I actually only saved $3 compared to last month. Grrrr!

So let me ask you this... What amount should I add to my Green Fun? The $3 I actually saved or the amount I would have saved if rates had not spiked? That would have been around $20 give or take. I'm all for the $20. The more I can add to the fund, the better, right?
67 degrees is not nearly as frigid as I though it would be. I just wear a sweatshirt or sweater and I'm fine! The kids are rarely cold since they rarely stop moving. Even Scott, who I thought would fight the issue, didn't mention the temperature too much. Maybe it didn't bother him too much. Or quite possibly, he knew this was a battle I was willing to fight. Either way, the temperature adjustment worked!

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Tana said...

WOHOO, way to go Kate!!!