Monday, October 6, 2008

Emma Plays Minuet 2 by Bach

Emma will be performing in her fall recital later this month. On October 25, she will stand in front of a sizable audience and play Bach's Minuets 1 and 2 and High School Musical's When There Was Me and You. She's currently memorized both Bach pieces and will soon have the HSM song committed to memory as well.

Later this month, our church is hosting a talent show. Emma is so excited about participating with her violin. These will be her third and fourth performances and while she gets a teeny-tiny bit nervous, it doesn't show. She speaks loudly and clearly while introducing herself and her music, then plays with a passion and flair not often seen in most 8 year olds!

In the above video, it's just about bedtime and she's getting s-l-e-e-e-e-e-p-y. That's why she's not smiling. It's taking all her energy to remember the notes!

Enjoy her performance!

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