Sunday, October 26, 2008

I know all parents think their kid is the best, but...

I have to say that Emma really is! That amazing (and generally fairly reserved) kid volunteered to play her violin in our church's talent show! She did try to get out of it this afternoon, saying that she was scared. I basically told her "Too bad, so sad."

Well, the show started tonight at about 6:30. Em was fifth on the list. When she was introduced, she went right up to the mic and said, "My name is Emma and I'm going to be playing Minutes 1 and 2 by Bach." She flicked her hair back, got in position and took off playing.

SHE WAS AWESOME!! Just listen...

After finishing the first song with a flourish, she went into rest position and took a bow. The applause was thunderous. The laughter and "awwww's" melted my heart! She smiled faintly, lifted that bow again and launched into Minuet 2. It's a longer song and she was concentrating so deeply. Another fantastic finish and I saw her breathe a little sigh of relief. She had done it!

When the show was over, so many people came over and told her how amazing she did! I know it's only a matter of time before the church's music director asks Emma to play during a service. (She's already asked Hayley to play her trumpet!)

Em also did fantastic at her violin recital on Saturday night. She was really nervous about that one, but did fabulous, of course! Boy, was she ever mad that other parents brought flowers for their kids. She said, "It is just so inappropriate! How can parents even do that!" (Of course, it was really jealousy talking. I thought about getting her flowers, but then I hadn't gotten Hayley flowers after her band concert the other day. I wasn't about to start the vicious circle of envy!)

I am so thrilled that my daughters are learning to perform in front of others. I have horrible memories of recitals and the abject terror I felt. In fact, Emma's violin instructor asked me to play the piano while Emma played on her violin during the recital. There was not a single second of hesitation before I said, "No!" with vehemence and determination to run if need be! He got the point.

Schumann's "Happy Farmer" is next in Emma's book. I'll upload a video of the finished piece when we get there!

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