Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa...

(These are verbatim.)

Dear Santa,

Please tell Mrs. Claus I say happy holidays. Thanks! Here is a list of things that I woulk like for Christmas:

  • cheese (cheder!)
  • make-upCheck Spelling
  • marshmallows (BIG please)
  • more Rainbow Magic books
  • a new flashlight
  • stuffed animal cats
  • Barbie magazines
  • Aley & AG music
  • Cat posters
  • a vinilla smelling candle
  • a foam castal craft
  • some plants
  • a white long-sleave sparkly dress with sequins
  • a big pink decoration pillow (for my bed!)
  • a pet kitten

Thanks for reading my letter! Marry Christmas and be safe!

Love, Emma
(P.S. I have ben very good!)
Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year I would like the following items under my family's Chistmas tree or in my stocking.

  • all of the Narnia books
  • the Harry Potter books on tape
  • stuffed animal puppies (or even better...)
  • a golden-doodle puppy (a real one) or a miniature poodle (a real one) (I'll even pay for half of the one you get me)
  • jelly beans! -- the Harry Potter theme
  • dog and dolphin posters
  • ocean posters
  • cookbook
  • clothes for my stuffed animal dogs
  • new pair of glasses/bigger pair (same Rx)

Thanks! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

~Hayley Davis~

(P.S. Mabey a GPS for my parents.)

And my take on it all...... What????????? Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff? Hayley knows she's not going to get a real dog -- we've had this discussion every single day (without fail) for the past several months.

And why exactly do Scott and I need a GPS? LOL! We don't get lost that much!

And Emma... the poor child is obsessed with Tillamook cheddar cheese and marshmallows.

Where's the emoticon for shaking your head in confusion? I am truly mystified.


Mandajuice said...

Aside from the dog, your girls make it pretty easy for you, don't they!? Alex just said he wanted a remote-controlled AIRPLANE. It was really hard not to laugh right in his face!

Kidsncats said...

Ok this has me ROFL. Most of their wishes are truly very simple though...innocent childhood wishes, so sweet. I can't get over Emma and the cheese and marshmallows. That's just hilarious. Savannah is also begging for a puppy -- which she will NOT get -- and we already have two dogs (have they forgotten? -- oh that's right...they don't do any of the work!) Sammie, knowing the state of the economy and not being as innocent as I wish she still was, wants just the rest of the Twilight books and 'Another Cinderella Story' DVD. Savannah wants everything in the Toys R Us catalog apparently. LOL

Let me know what Santa ends up leaving.