Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's my birthday!!

Happy 35th to me!

I'm officially in my mid-thirties. I could be star in a modern version of Thirty-Something, except I don't have that much drama in my life. I remember watching that show when I was barely 20 and not being able to imagine being this old.

I know, I know. 35 is not that old. I completely agree and I'm certainly not complaining about being 35. It's just... well.... it's just weird! I'm officially grown-up. In five short years, I'll have to start thinking about mammograms and perimenopause. How did I get to be 35 so quickly?

In my head, I'm only 24. It's just how old (young) I feel. I don't feel experienced enough or knowledgeable enough or mature enough to be 35. (But then again, people have told me since I was a child that I was a 35 yr old in a child's body.)

At any rate... we're off shortly to pick up some snow chains. (I finally found some at the fifth place I called.) Then we'll head across the river to DSW Shoes (yes, Melanie, you read correctly!) because I have coupons for $15 of free merchandise! They expire today and I can't let them go to waste, can I?

Hopefully we'll be able to go out for an early dinner and then with any luck, we'll make it to the Christmas Eve service at church. With the chains, we should be able to get there fairly easily.

And then it's home to get ready for Santa!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!!

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