Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I need a temper tantrum emoticon right now...

My parents' flight was cancelled due to weather and icy runways at Portland International Airport. I'm so mad!

They can't get a flight until Christmas evening which is better than nothing, but now they won't be here to spend my birthday with me! I thought about postponing it till the day after Christmas, but it's too important to the girls.

We will adjust our Christmas schedule a little bit, though. The girls will open their Santa presents in the morning, but wait to open the family gifts till after Grandma and Grandad arrive. We'll save the yummy rib roast till the following day since I know that's something they both look forward to all year.

I have no doubt that we'll have a wonderful visit when they do arrive, but Mom and I had been counting the days till they came.

I love snow. I really do. And I'm not angry at the snow for postponing their trip. I'm angry at Portland's lack of equipment to take care of the issues caused by the storm. Safety first, I know. But still...

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