Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deliciously Reviewed: I Feel Bad About My Neck

If you're a woman and you haven't read this one already, go to the library and READ IT NOW!

Nora Ephron captures the spirit of the aging woman perfectly! (Or so I imagine, being that I'm only 35.) Her collection of essays cover a myriad of topics, always giving capricious perspectives on inevitable issues like mysteriously appearing stomach rolls, eyes that can't read prescription bottles and the art of attempting to exercise when you're over 50.

Ephron's anecdotes open her life for her readers. She doesn't portray herself as a Martha Stewart, clothed in perfection, but lays out her short-comings and mistakes as experience for the future. Married three times, paying too much for rent, imaginary love affairs with chefs and presidents... Her adventures make my life seem positively plebeian.

But my favorite essay of all is entitled simply "I Hate My Purse". Ok, seriously! What woman can't relate! Ephron captured the new crayon box sense of promise that we all feel when we buy a new purse... I'm going to be organized! I'm going to put all receipts right here! I'm going to put my cell phone back in the holder every time I use it! I'm going to put my keys in this pocket so I'll never lose them again! But wait! Here's a pen holder and a mini change purse so I'll be even more organized! My life is going to be easier! I'm going to be happier! Oh joy!

And then...

It never



Alas, I feel deflated just thinking about the promise and disappointment of a new purse.

At any rate, read the book! It's a quick read, easy enough to read while you're pumping gas or standing in line or pretending to listen to your eight-year old tell you yet again that Bobby in school picks his nose.

I'll wait for the thank yous...

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