Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday Resolutions, Early Mornings and New Furniture

I know, I know. I neglected to post an update last week on my Monday resolutions. But after working on The Plan for a week, I have new thoughts.

In an ideal world, I could dedicate specific days to specific tasks. That world, though, does not take into account school holidays, doctor's appts or really good movies on tv found while I'm eating lunch. (Those Hallmark movies always suck me in! LOL!)

Nor does the firm schedule take into account desperate knitting issues, for which I must drive 20 min. to Portland and back for advice. Or visiting elderly (and talkative) neighbors not seen for way too long.

So... I'm just going to do the best I can. I love the idea of having everything cut and dry and in my head, I'll still try to stick a little bit to The Plan, but it's just not practical.

The one thing that has worked, without fail I might add, is that I've been up before 7am every morning. I do chores and help the kids get up and out so by the time Emma leaves just before 9am, I'm ready to sit down and start focusing. I've essentially given myself two extra hours every day! Ahhh, the gift of time... LOL

We bought a new couch and love seat last weekend! After almost a year of searching, I finally found at our local Super Store a set that matched our criteria -- smaller, not overstuffed, not cream-colored and not squishy soft. I personally love the squishy soft part, but Scott couldn't sit comfortably on them anymore.

The girls helped us move the old couches, put the legs on the new ones and arrange the cushions. And let me tell you! They have been *loving* the giant boxes the couches came in! I'll snap some pictures to post next time they're playing in them.

I have to say that Craigs List is my friend. Not two hours after I posted our old couches for sale, I had an interested party. We're still trying to coordinate times for them to come look at them, but I'm hopeful. And the best part? We got an incredible price on the new furniture and can get good money for the old stuff. So we'll end up paying only about $200 for our new couch and love seat! Yay!!!

(Notice the knitting on the table... that's the beginning of my first prayer shawl!)


Mandajuice said...

LOVE the new couches! (Where did you get them? We're in the market too - need to replace the taped-up leather couch!)

Kate said...

Fred Meyer! They're right on the furniture corner by stationery. Great deal! The three piece set (including a chair) is only $899 this week, not including the 10% off coupon in their weekly ad!