Friday, February 6, 2009

Ma Ingalls Rides Again!

I started a knitting class last night at Close Knit, a fantastic little place in Portland. Two hours later, I came away feeling successful and totally jazzed!

Remember back in November I posted about my failings as a knitter? Well, this time around I was bound and determined to succeed. I signed up for a Genuine Beginner class and though the drive is a bit longer than I'd prefer, it's worth it.

After last fall's attempts, I could cast on well and knit a little, but I didn't know how to fix mistakes (of which I had many!) Ok, I still don't know how to fix mistakes, but I can now cast on, knit and perl!

When class was over I spread out the tiny three inch square that I had knitted to look at it. Now those of you that know me well understand that I am fairly reserved, so imagine my surprise when I actually said out loud, "It looks like actual knitting!" Others in the class were just as surprised at their own work and we all left happy and ready to knit our days away.

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