Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home and resting after surgery...

I was pretty miserable just out of the OR, but once they hit me with the pain meds, I did much better. That and the fact that Scott had a my much adored walnut chicken salad sandwich waiting for me in my room. (I hadn't eaten in 16 hours so I was starving.)

During the surgery, the doctor found a fourth stone and was able to pull it and the other three out in tact. So no laser was needed. The best news? I don't have to pass any stone fragments! So once I recover from the surgery itself, no more discomfort!


I'm currently parked on the couch, with a stack of books, movies and my knitting. Oh, and can't forget to mention the two wonderful little slaves (oh, I mean helpers) I have nearby to do my bidding.


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Anonymous said...

Thank heavens you don't have to pass anything! My little sister passed out passing her little itty bitty evil stone. Feel better soon and have a wonderful holiday:)