Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Incredible couponing at Walgreen's last week!

When all was said and done, I bought $67 worth of merchandise for $25!!! How cool is that?

I'm trying to remember what I all bought but, you know, the events of the last couple days have erased much of my recent memory.

Full size Nabisco crackers: 50 cents/box
Gillette body wash: FREE
Gillette deodorant: $1.99
2 Loreal lip glosses: $7.99 for both
32 oz All laundry detergent: $1.50
Skippy peanut butter: $1
6 pk. Dove bar soap: $4.99

Coolio, huh?

I was quite pleased with myself. Not that we'll eat five boxes of crackers or necessarily need a ton of body wash, but I've already packaged a lot of it up for the food pantry/holiday baskets at church.

Prior to this past year, I volunteered hours and hours and hours every month. (That's where the Volunteer Extraordinaire in my sub header above comes in.) But since I started working for a paycheck again, there hasn't been the time. Instead of feeling sad that I can't donate time and effort, I love that I've found an inexpensive way to help feed the many hungry people in our town.

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