Thursday, November 25, 2010

A chocolate shortage? *cough cough I can't breathe*

Just saw a segment on MSNBC about a possible chocolate shortage over the next 20 years. I think my body has gone into shock.

Factors that indicate a shortage?
  • Unrest in the Ivory Coast and a western Africa drought (where most of the world's cocoa beans are grown)
  • Lack of profitability for the farmers (They earn less than $1 a day in selling to large chocolate corporations.)
  • Higher demand for chocolate
Dark chocolate is currently enjoying its 15 minutes of fame and since dark chocolate candy requires more cocoa than milk chocolate, demand is high high high.

Since 2005, cocoa's price skyrocketed 44%. Candy has gotten more expensive, but then, so has everything else. The chocolate companies apparently understand the ups and downs of agriculture and are absorbing much of the increase in production costs.

Naturally, though, they won't want to negatively affect their profits too much, so if Africa doesn't see some rain and the Ivory Coast citizens don't push in their manners buttons, there will be less chocolate. Thus, the end cost for chocoholics like myself will be very, very  high.

Mormons often stock three years' worth of foodstuffs. I think I should take a hint from them and stock years' worth of chocolate.

Watcha think?

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