Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FREEBIES! The drugstores have some awesome deals this week!

Yup! Everything in the photo (sorry for the icky quality--my camera battery is dead) I obtained for FREE!

dental floss
cold relief medicine
2 bottle of Gain dishwashing liquid
contact lens cleaner
Schick razors

Cool, huh?

Everything came from Walgreen's except the Gain, which came from CVS. I went to Rite-Aid, but realized I forgot to grab the newspaper coupons to match up with their sales. Bummer. I have oodles of toothpaste already, but I may have to hit Rite-Aid again to get more. I mean, free is free, right? It's perfect for donating to charity and/or food pantries.

Other awesome and amazing deals of the week? 

50 cent Degree deodorant
$1 Oxy power packs (10 ct.)
$2.75 Gummy vitamins (60 ct.)
$1.29 Nestle choc. chips (12 oz. bag)
$1.99 Purex laundry detergent (32 load)

If you're interested in getting any of these deals yourself, head over to My Frugal Adventures. You'll find all the sales listed for the drugstores, plus where to find coupons for additional discounts.

Happy shopping!

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