Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Congratulate me!

I actually *bought* Christmas cards today! Yay for me!

You're probably wondering why on earth you should congratulate me for such a trivial thing. Well, Delicious Readers, I'll tell you...

I've cut and colored, stamped and adhered my way through the past several holiday seasons--making my own Christmas cards. I love doing it, but making 100 cards takes time.

A LOT of time.

I spent a couple hours doodling with a card design I had in mind, but couldn't quite get it right. Wide awake at 3 am, I stepped into the Offi-Studi-Onus room. (That's the official nickname for our bonus room since it's Scott's office, the girls' study and my craft room all rolled up into one convenient package.) I stared at the design I'd put together and... and... and...

I don't know. I guess I just didn't feel the love. And I didn't want to spend the next two weeks buried under scraps of paper. I want to be frugal with my cards and if I could use the supplies I have on hand to make them, I'd save plenty of money, right? But I don't have enough of anything to make 100 cards, so I'd have to make a big ol' Michael's run.

In my dream world of constantly living up to June Cleaver perfection, I want to make the cards. They mean so much more when they're handmade and you know someone took all that time to make something beautiful for you. Cards picked up in a chaotic, frenzied, scary-Walmart-right-before-Christmas shopping trip simply bleed obligation, not holiday joy. At least that's why I like to make my own cards.

So actually purchasing the four boxes of Christmas cards at Target today was a huge feat for me. I'm letting myself off the hook. And those cards will be sent out with all the love and wishes for a wonderful Christmas as any card I've ever created from scratch.

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