Thursday, March 24, 2011

No! It can't be!

I just received an email that our local Borders is CLOSING!
Borders Stores


The store wasn't on last month's list of closures, so I thought it was safe. I didn't even know more were slated to get the ax. I was so not prepared for this soul-ripping announcement.

Alright, so I'm overreacting just a little. It's not like it's the last bookstore on Earth or anything. It's not even the only one in our community. We have a small Barnes & Noble about a mile from our house and a super-sized B&N about four miles away.

I will survive.

But B&N doesn't have the awesome and constant coupons that Borders does (did). Thirty percent, 40% off... but maybe that's why they're suffering the affects of bankruptcy.

*deep, deep, deep sigh*

Oh, Borders, my poor Borders...

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