Thursday, March 3, 2011

I do believe I found my mojo!

I despise the weeks when my mojo goes on hiatus, but relish and appreciate it all the more when it returns.

And I am so pleased that I'm back to a normal level of productivity. Back to super-couponing, cooking without resentment and gladly making beds, washing dishes and ironing shirts. (Okay, so that was a tiny fib. Because, really, how many of us are actually "glad" to do chores? But we'll let that one go.)

I headed out to CVS yesterday armed with coupons and a lengthy list. They didn't have some of what I needed, so I went to a larger store this morning. Between the two visits, this is what I purchased...

6 tubes of toothpaste: all FREE!!!
1 box Theraflu: FREE!! (or at least will be when I send in the rebate coupon from last Sunday's paper)
2 boxes Smart Start: FREE!! (and note the Try Me Free label on the boxes = money-makers!!)
RevitaLens solution: FREE!!
Olay body wash: FREE!!
Dawn: 24 cents
Olay face wash: $4.99 (had a $1 off coupon for this, plus a coupon for a free bottle of body wash when you buy a face wash)

Yay, me! 

(If you want the low down on prices and coupon locations for CVS and the other drugstores, go to 

Other mojo inducers... I finally found the Girl Scout badges I'd purchased and then promptly lost. Last week I searched the entire house, top to bottom, for a solid three hours. The badges were NO WHERE. At least they seemed to be no where until I reached into the dregs of my purse and pulled out the envelope I'd put them in. Thank goodness!

Not that losing GS badges is the end of the world or anything, but my receipts were in there. And if I couldn't find my receipts, then I couldn't get reimbursed from troop funds. In case you're not familiar with Scout badges, they are So. Not. Cheap.

So happy day for me! Hope you all are having an equally productive and smile-inducing day!

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Rambles of a SAHM said...

I love trips like these!:) Following you back!