Monday, March 14, 2011

Yay! Finally got out to see the desert wildflowers! Come see my photos!

I feel the need to disclose today's floral enthusiasm with the fact that I am most decidedly not a desert person. I detest heat and cacti and lizards and unending dust.

But....... every Spring, San Diegans flock to the Anzo-Borrego desert to see the amazing wildflowers in bloom. In all twenty of the years I lived here before our seven-year hiatus from the area, I never once saw the flowers.

So yesterday I decided it was time. We threw a picnic lunch together (why do we always end up eating our picnics in the car? LOL), filled the tank up with $4.15/gal gas and drove an hour and a half.

First we stopped in the cute mountain town of Julian where, naturally, we had to stop for ice cream.

Those are single scoops, by the way.
Scott spotted this teeny-tiny pony and cart and immediately decided the girls needed a ride.

Their daddy does love to spoil them, no doubt about it.

When we finally made it to the desert (without ever finding the park headquarters), we stumbled upon the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Rec Area. Scott asked where we should look for wildflowers (yes, a man asked for directions!! LOL) and lo and behold, the best place was right behind the Visitor's Center that we had parked in front of.

Okay, then...

We expected bright flashes of wildflower color, but the season hasn't quite exploded yet. The flowers we discovered were often tucked under brush, barely blooming. Thank goodness for a 12 mega pixel camera--I could zoom in nice and close... 

I like this wildflower a lot! (Even though she was doing a *great* job pulling the "I'm-bored-can-we-go-home" teenage act. LOL)
Arizona Lupine
Scott and Em
Eagle eye Hayley spotted this itty-bitty thing
Me and the mister
Brown-Eyed Primrose
This one isn't listed in the booklet we picked up.
Desert sunflower
Desert Sunflower
Another mystery
Desert Chicory
Brown-Eyed Primrose


Jennifer Shirk said...

Those a HUGE ice creams!!

Love the pictures and am impressed you knew so many of the flowers' names. I'm terrible at that.

Kate said...
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Kate said...

Haha, Jennifer! I actually didn't know *any* of the names. The Visitor's Center gave us a beautiful color booklet with photos and names of all the flowers, plus signs along the pathways labeled them all.

Thanks for the credit, though! Heehee!

Kate :)