Monday, August 29, 2011

Come see my bee-you-tee-ful cards!

My handmade card collection depleted earlier this summer when I presented several sets to teachers for end of year gifts. Time to make new ones!

Perfecting timing, too, because visiting One-of-the-Besties Melanie loves making cards as much as I do.

We scouted out a fantastic little stamp shop nearby and spent... um.... many, many beads on cute paper, necessary pens, unique stamps, etc.

Some of the ones in the photo below we did together. Others, I've done before or since her visit.
These two cards required a new technique for both Mel and I.
Sooooo worth it because the insides are adorable!!!!  
Inside the birdie card
Inky Antics has created honeycomb paper to glue inside cards so that when you open them up, the honeycomb stretches into shape! Naturally, they sell coordinating stamps which, as you can see, are so high on the cuteness scale that it's totally worth pulling out the ol' Amex card for.

Here's the link if you're interested in checking it out yourself...
Inside the elephant card

I just put together a packet of cutie cards for Scott's mom--a belated bday gift, if you will. He sent her a new version of Norton Anti-Virus. LOL Needed and appreciated, no doubt, but not very birthday-ish!

My fingers are itching to get back up to my craft corner and create more cards, but since school is now in session and the girls are out of the house for several hours a day, my focus must be on finishing up this latest round of edits on my novel. I've been working on that at least a couple hours a day and if I ever get my sleep schedule regulated so that I sleep enough during the night and don't have to fortify during the day, I'll get even further with those edits. 

And if you feel the need to order any cards.... heeeheeeheeee.... just let me know!

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