Friday, August 12, 2011


Awesome friend Melanie and her daughter, the Great Gaberdini, visited us here in Sunny San Diego for a whole week! And we had the best time ever. Seriously. The. Best.Time. Ever.

There are sooooo many photos I want to share with you. In the end, I had to pick and choose and even then, it took me hours to adjust and size just those. I figure individual slide shows are the best bet to display them. I tried to include little tidbit-y stories in the captions for ya.

San Diego Zoo


We have no photos to prove it, but we saw Rodeo Drive as well. Sort of. Kind of. Well, really the entire experience turned into a giant disaster.

Scott came with us up to LA, but he drove separately since he had to be back in town for meetings on Friday. We drove all that way just fine. Him behind, me in the lead. We made it to Rodeo Drive and drove the length of it. We were turning left to look for parking when I made it through a light and he didn't. I parked in the closest garage and called him. But my phone was dead. The battery was fine, but the signal? Dissolved into thin air.

He didn't know where we were. We didn't know where he was. And we couldn't call each other! His signal was just as dead as mine. And everybody else's who was on the AT&T Network in that part of town.

I'll abridge the story now and just tell you that by the time we all hooked up again, there was no time left for Rodeo Drive to be awed by our presence. *sigh*

And later that night... as the bellman unloaded our things into the Presidential Suite, he told us that lots of celebrities stay in this particular room, Sean Penn being the most recent. Hayley, my usually reserved girl, grabbed the camera and flipped the dial to video. She said to this poor bellman, "My friends will never believe. Would you say that again, please?" And he did! I just shook my head. You can never tell what exactly will be important enough for that girl to break out of her shell.

More fun photos!


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