Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deliciously Birthdayed!

My Emma-Girl turned 11 years old yesterday!
I cannot believe it. The other day she was this itty-bitty squishy of a baby and now she's in middle school!!!
We had dinner at Olive Garden. Did you know they  no longer sing or provide free desserts? Apparently, too many people complained that it was annoying. (I can understand the signing being annoying, but free dessert? It's should be a God-given right!) Anyway, we had a great server and she made a little dessert plate from Andes Candies... including the candle!
Is it time yet? I've been waiting all day! I've been waiting for 364 days!  Can I open them yet? Mommmmmmmmm, when can I open them?
Both sets of grandparents joined the celebration via Skype. Here's Hayley with Grandma Barbara. 
Here's Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dick.
And then there was pie. Chocolate cream pie made by the birthday girl herself. Es muy deliciouso!


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Denise Z said...

Happy Birthday Emma! So hard to believe. Seems like yesterday when the girls were together at our weekly playdate. Wow...time sure does fly. Hope all is well. Denise Z.