Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey, doc. How 'bout I just direct deposit my entire paycheck to you?

I am so sick of going to the doctor. I'm sick of the bills. I'm sick of the pharmacy.

But most of all... I'm sick of being sick.

What is up with my body lately? Seriously.

Was at Urgent Care last week for pink eye that still hasn't resolved itself, so I had to see an opthamologist today. Let's hope his prescription and expensive eye wash do the trick.

But guess what? I've also been struggling with what I think might be an ear infection. I was going to ask the doc today to take a look at it, but he didn't have the scope thingie to peek into my ear.

The pain isn't bad (mostly), just annoying. And it seems to be focused right in front of my ear at the far edge of my cheek.

So what do I do? Go to Urgent Care again? Wait and see what happens? Redirect Scott's paycheck to the medical center? Start calling the pharmacists my new bffs? LOL


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