Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deliciously Reviewed: The Lucky One

Thumbs DOWN!

Nicholas Sparks has Lost. His. Touch.

Reading The Lucky One was akin to reading a dumbed down romance novel for tweens. His writing was forced, lacked any sort of style and worst of all, was void of imagination.

Apparently out of fresh ideas, Sparks simply reworked Message in a Bottle. Now that was a fantastic book. Well written, strong characters and a gripping story line, it had all the elements of a truly memorable piece of fiction.

The Lucky One
is a sad, sad copy. Same basic story line... Character finds something intensely personal to a stranger and decides to seek out said stranger. Falls in love with stranger, but won't tell them about the found belonging. Truth finally comes out, stranger is angry, sends character away, then forgives character.

A major story flaw in The Lucky One is that it really wouldn't have been a big deal to tell the girl that he found a photo of her half buried in the sand in Kuwait. It really wouldn't have! There is no good reason for not telling her. He just feels weird about telling the truth.


That was my head hitting the table in frustration. Not telling the girl was just a b-a-d decision. I don't think it's at all believable and in this sort of fiction, if the reader can't believe it could really happen, the story fails. Period.


I can honestly say that if the book had Sparks' typical heartbreaking conclusion, I would have thrown it against the wall. Fortunately, it ended well and I was saved the library fines for damage.

Disappointed though I may be about the book, I am more disappointed in Sparks for writing this poorly. He can do so much better.

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Patty Walker said...

Hey Kate,
Ed finally told me about your blog, so I thought I would say hi.
Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I had gall stones and they were so painful.

I love to hear your book reviews. I love Elizabeth Berg, she is a wonderful writer. I just finished an interesting book called Me and Emma by Flock. A tough subject matter but a great ending. I also love the books by Wade Rouse, American's Boy and Confessiong of a Prep School Mommy Handler.(both memoirs)

Glad to hear things are going well, we are just trying to make it through winter. It has been a very long and hard one so far and I am ready for spring.I planted a ton of flowers last fall, I keep dreaming of them under all this snow.