Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our New Year's "Revolutions"...

I explained to Emma yesterday what "resolutions" are. For the rest of the day, she kept calling them "revolutions"!

As we chowed on our Banana Splits last night, we discussed what each one of us would like to accomplish in 2009. I thought you, my Delicious Readers, would like to know what the D____ family's resolutions are...


1. Play both pieces in her next piano recital. (She only played one of the two at her last one.)

2. Become less anxious so she feels comfortable participating in things.

3. Become more accomplished at sewing and crocheting.

4. Learn to budget.


1. Make every recipe in "The Usborne Little Book of Christmas Cooking". (We started today!)

2. Join a swim team.

3. Read the entire Rainbow Magic series.

4. Learn to sew.

5. Finish her Suzuki 2 violin book and start #3.

6. Play in the school talent show in June.


1. Be more like Kate -- live like Jesus and not be cynical and judgemental.

2. Practice the trumpet more often.

3. Learn basic piano.

4. Stop spending so much time with the computer.

5. Exercise and strengthen back.

6. Create a cookbook of recipes he can actually eat from.


1. Finish writing my book.

2. Invest my green fund (now up to about $300!)

3. Finish my second book (already started) and start a third.

4. Learn to knit.

5. Start (and stick with) the cash/envelope money system and not get pissed off with Dave Ramsey in the process.

And a family resolution...

A "Word of the Week" -- All of us will learn a new word (chosen by Kate) each week and use it as often as we are able to do so correctly.

Look to the sidebar on the right for a new segment... "Delicious Resolutions". I'll keep you updated on our progress!

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