Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Something so funny that Emma and I were both in tears!

Scott was heading out the door to work this morning. He kissed me, kissed Emma on the head, then started walking towards the front door. He came back to stand next to Emma and he asked, "Do you know what Emma makes my heart do?" We said, "What?" Very slowly he replied, "Emma makes my heart... sing!" At the exact same moment he sang the word "sing", his cell phone turned on playing its funny tune.

I had already figured out what he was doing, but Emma hadn't. She thought it was coincidence and she busted out laughing. The funniest part, though, was that her mouth was full of cereal and she was trying not to spit it out. She was laughing so hard -- it was one of those deep, unexpected belly laughs -- and the expressions on her face were so comical and priceless!

Her laughter was infectious. I started laughing and she laughed harder and pretty soon we were both wiping tears from our eyes.

You probably had to be there. But suffice it to say, I won't forget this one for a very long time!

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