Thursday, January 29, 2009

Vicodin Dreams

Never in my life have I been high (well, on anything except life *gag* *cheeeeese* LOL), but I imagine it's a lot like Vicodin dreams.

They're scattered, flashes of unrelated images, each set lasting only a mili-second. For the first few nights, the images came in sets of three. All night long, three snapshots.

Click. Click. Click.

Then I'd try to focus on something, anything, and another set of three flashes paraded through.

the blue eyes of a horse, shoelaces, bleach
potatoes, the shapes of certain letters, a plant pot
a dark lipstick tub, a small box, a white chair with a purple pad

I know! Totally random! I have to say that it was all pretty cool. It was like I was a spectator in my own dreams. I knew I was dreaming and was awake enough to think, "Hey! This is cool! I should take notes!"

But after the first few days, I could barely sleep at all. Between the pain that the Vicodin didn't alleviate and the desperate and indelible thirst another med inflicted, I was a zombie.

Did you notice my Books Read in 2009 list in the right column? Yup, three weeks into the year and I've read nine - 9! - books. And I'm most of of the way through the tenth.

We'll see how sleep tonight happens -- or doesn't happen. I haven't take any Vicodin since 11am and most of the weirdness and pain relieving properties have ceased. But since I'm struggling with its intestinal side effects (you really don't want to know the details), I'm not so sure sleep is in my immediate future.

Thank the good Lord that I have an amazing husband who will get the kids ready for school in the morning if I do fall asleep!

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