Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh, man. I am SO bummed...

At work, we recently hired a friend of ours (Hayley's piano teacher) to help with Support and in keeping Scott and the pres. of the company organized. Let me tell you, Jana is fantastic. She's awesome on the phone and has caught on to all the nuances our software really quickly. We couldn't ask for better.

She told me a little while ago that she's found another job, a job in her field (public administration). Having just recently earned her Master's Degree, she really wanted to focus on her expertise. Jobs are hard to come by, though, especially in the public sector. Our offer came along right when she was starting to get panicky, so the timing was perfect for her.

We knew, though, that she was still looking for her ideal position, so I can't say I'm surprised at her announcement. While I'm sad for our company, I am crazy excited for her. Jana deserves this and will be an amazing addition to their team.

*sniff sniff* Where are those tissues?

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