Saturday, October 22, 2011

Adorable Photos of Disney the Dog

I heard from a couple of you that the photos I posted earlier in the week didn't appear for you. Weird. All looked good on my end and since I don't have the knowledge or patience to figure out the issue, I took new photos.

Of course I took new photos! I new puppy mama and I'm enamored (most of the time) with Disney.

Disney had his first haircut this morning and the sweet thing can actually see now! And hear, too, since he had so much hair in his ears that apparently doesn't need to be there. 
This is what he looked like before!
And here are his beautiful black eyes!
Today marks exactly two weeks that he's been with us. I haven't laughed so much in a very long time! He cracks us up all the time with his funny puppy antics and most especially, his three-second attention span.
I think we've all made a lot of progress in those two weeks... he now does his business outside instead of inside on potty pads. He sits and waits for permission to come inside, he comes when called (unless he's in trouble-haha), he's learning to lay on command and he's getting used to his leash. And car rides? He's amazing! Calm and perfectly happy. 
Having said all that, he likes to nip, jump up on people and steal the occasional piece of trash from my waste basket. 
We've signed up for puppy classes and a bonus for registering for two classes is a one hour private training session. Monday night, we are there! I can't wait to learn more about puppy psychology and learn how to nip  bad behaviors in the bud.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Kate he is adorable!! So cute! I love the before & after pics - what a puff ball. Didn't realize he is that new to your family. congrats!!! Carrie