Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trial Puppy

I can't even believe we're doing this, but... we have a Trial Puppy. 
Hayley's friend's family adopted Disney, but can't keep him. Seven kids (including a new baby), a traveling husband, an older dog and a puppy have overwhelmed the mom and she just can't do it all. Anyway...
Disney is a sheepadoodle. (I know, I know.) Part sheepdog, part poodle. Both are mostly hypoallergenic and when mixed, the result is 100% hypoallergenic. Yay! He's about seven months old and is well-trained already. Not perfect, but he is still a puppy. :) He should grow to be about 25 pounds. (His paws aren't giant, so that gives up hope. Hahaha.) 
We're taking him for just a few days to see how it goes, then we'll make a final decision.

The girls are in seventh heaven, but I'm sure you figured that out by now!

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