Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life is Good.

Here's why I think so...

1. My cold is getting better. Yay!
2. My parents are visiting. Double yay!
3. Even though we had to take my dad to Urgent Care this morning, he's doing much better. Triple yay!
4. Mom, the girls and I escaped to get pedicures this afternoon. Our toesies are so purdy now!
5. Scott, my amazing and wonderful and incredible husband, got an unexpected raise!! *Gugal yays!*
6. There are about a bizzilion coupon inserts in the paper today. I'm gonna have fun this week!
7. I've been rockin' in Scrabble this week with my mom. I've scored over 400 twice!

And now I have a few free minutes. Scott took the kids on errands. Mom took Dad to his fave restaurant for a beer. And I am home, awaiting a plumber to take a look at a leak in our living room ceiling. (That leads us to another thing that makes me happy... we don't own this house, so I don't have to pay for repairs. *heeheehee*)


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