Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brief Bookfair Break

I've been working like crazy at the middle school book fair all week. Right now, though, I've been granted a reprieve. Someone else is manning the registers and managing the kids so I could come home, eat some lunch and take a breather.


Worked out perfectly today since Scott is out of town for the day and it's just not fair to kennel the puppers all day long.

So how is the book fair going? I'm sure you're dying to know. LOL

It is going super, amazingly awesome. In just three days, we've grossed $3000!!!!

And in terms of profit, that means $900 in books for the school library. Do the happy dance with me, Delicious Readers, 'cause that is just plain awesome!

The fair is open today and tomorrow, as well, and I'm hoping to break $5000. Imagine the beautiful damage to be done with $1500 worth of books. *happy sigh*

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Tony said...

Kate- Sorry I don't know how else to contact you directly on Blogger. I left you a message on Yelp just now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Good work on bookfair! My family supports them too. -T