Friday, November 4, 2011

Has it seriously been over a week since I posted?

I'm so sorry, Delicious Readers. I think about you every day and plan to jot down a post for your reading enjoyment. But........ then I get busy.

Uber busy.

Even now, as I try to pen this missive, I had to stop to:

1. Get Tylenol for Emma's migraine (poor angel).
2. Search for said Tylenol (which she must have finished 'cause I couldn't find the bottle)
3. Mash up a tablet form of medicine and stir it in applesauce.
4. Convince Em to actually eat the applesauce.
5. Dry the dog off after he came in from the rain.
6. Wipe down the kitchen counters (Hayley forgot after she did the dishes), and...
7. Grant Emma a few candy corn for good behavior

And that was just in the past four minutes.


So I mentioned in my last post about the book fair. It was a great success! We ended up grossing $4000 and earning over $1,200 in books for the library. Isn't that awesome?! The librarian wrote me the nicest thank you note and the assistant library confided to me that she sang my praises to the assistant superintendent. I feel so loved!
This is Disney helping me on Day One of NaNo

November 1 started the annual pilgrimage of novel writers worldwide. We put our lives on hold and write, write, write, write, write until we reach 50,000 words. Oh yeah. It has to be finished within the month of November. And what's the carrot at the end of the stick? Nothing tangible, I'm afraid. Simply pride in our tenacity to wrestle all those words onto paper (or screen) as most of us do now.

If you break it down, 50,000 words in 30 days equals 1,667 words a day.

A. Lot. Of. Words.

But what you want to know is if I'm on top of things, right? Is Blogger Kate on target or has she fallen behind after only four short days?

I am on target, thank you very much. I have another four or five hundred more words to write today. I'm not concerned about them though. They come easily to me right now. (Say a prayer that they'll continue to!) I'm at 6,101 words thus far and my story is cracking me up. I love the random characters that come into the story completely unbidden. And the personalities and appearances of people I'd planned, but have changed because... well, because the characters develop themselves more than I develop them.

I tell ya. If you're not a writer, you're missing out. It is SO. MUCH. FUN!

I can't forget to write about Halloween. Tons of kids stopped by. I adore the little toddlers, barely old enough to walk, much less to eat candy. But their parents are so excited to initiate them into the traditions of trick-or-treating. I remember doing that very same thing with Hayley in her sweet little Hershey's Kiss costume. Emma, at only seven weeks on her first Halloween, wore the cutest pea pod costume! I'll have to find the photos and post them. But not right now. Right now, I just need to blog and post lest I get distracted again!

This year, though, Hayley was a cute witch and Emma was a rock star/famous person. (I know I don't have a photo of Hayley here. She wasn't in her costume long enough for me to get a picture.)

Disney has infiltrated our family and our hearts completely. He is so funny, making us laugh all the time. We love the way he bounds instead of runs, insists on crawling into our laps or between our feet and the way he cocks his head when he doesn't want to mind.

We started puppy classes this week. He knows most of what is being taught and is really there more for socialization with other pups. He's a pretty shy fellow.

We taught Disney how to roll over this week. He can also sit, lay down, "look at me", come, stay, wait, go to kennel (haha) and heel. He's getting the hang of "out" meaning "get out of the kitchen before you trip someone and send them flying into a pan of sizzling oil". He's also doing bee-you-tif-fully with potty training. The only couple accidents he's had this week were teeny little puddles and those were the effects of his excitement at seeing someone come home.

Hayley sang in her first choir concert last week. Naturally, we couldn't distinguish her voice from all the others, but it was still fun to see her up there.
So that, Delicious Readers, is a super-fast snap shot of the past week in the Delicious household. I hope your weeks have been as entertaining and enjoyable!

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