Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Yelp and the Plumbing Is Free" (A True Story by Kate)

Once upon a time, a happy family of four moved to a new kingdom. And they smiled because no longer would they have to contend with water still struggling from the effects of a volcanic eruption 30 years before. But sadness enveloped the family bank account each month when they saw the effects of the new kingdom's hard water. Clothing wore out quickly. Glassware became etched by water minerals. Filters were needed to create the most basic of necessities--drinking water.

So one day, the happy family called the royal plumber to come provide an estimate for installing a whole cottage water filter. The plumber came and told them it would cost several hundred dollars. That was much more than they expected and too much for their meager budget. When the master of the happy family said as much, the  plumber shrugged and asked if he wanted a written estimate. "Yes, please," said the master. The plumber went to his wagon and scratched the cost onto a scroll of parchment.

When he came back, he confessed that he made a mistake and that the actual cost was two hundred dollars less. This was still much more than the happy family thought it should be. The master also got the feeling that the plumber was taking advantage of them, so he sent him on his way.

Now the mistress of the happy family was very disappointed because she had consulted the great wizard and found this particular plumbing company to be the best in the land. So deep was her sadness that she wrote a letter to Wizard telling him of their experience.

Some months passed and the happy family had forgotten about the whole cottage water filter. Then one day, the mistress received a reply from the great wizard The owner of the plumbing company had heard of her disappointment in his business and felt so badly that he wanted to do whatever it took to earn her good graces. The mistress planned to contact him, but before she got a chance to (for she was very busy with her royal volunteering duties), one of his employees stopped by their royal cottage with his two small children.

The mistress and the gentleman had a lovely chat while all the children romped with the happy family's new puppy. She promised to have her husband call the owner the very next day.

Soon the master and the royal plumber talked. How sorry and forlorn that plumber was at the horrible service his employee had provided the happy family! After explaining how he had hired two new plumbers to help expand his business only to find that they hindered it more than helped, he offered to install the whole cottage water filter free of charge!

The happy family was delighted by the generosity and the strong morals of the royal plumber. The mistress couldn't wait until the water filter was installed so that she could write back to the great wizard and tell him how thrilled she is by the generosity and concern of the royal plumber. His high level of ethics proved to her that her happy family would live happily ever after in a hard water-free cottage.

The End

(P.S. This is an entirely true story. Courtesy Plumbing is installing the whole house water filter FREE OF CHARGE on Saturday!)


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Kidsncats said...

Awesome! :) There IS still some good out there in the world, this proves it! Now if he could talk to the idiot who came to look at our broken ice maker, and told us the whole unit needs to be replaced because of 1 broken piece of plastic, which he deemed 'physical damage' so that the warranty won't cover it.....UGH. But I am gloriously happy for you!