Monday, May 4, 2009

First week of full time work complete

It was challenging.

It was eye blurring.

It was headache inducing.

It was encouraging.

It was brain stimulating.

It was the prelude to a really great paycheck!

Now it's week 2. My parents are here from California, though, so working an 8 hour day is not particularly feasible. I thought about staying up late and getting up early to log in some extra time, but honestly? I need sleep. I'm *much* more fun to be around when I'm somewhat rested.

I guess I worked about an hour and a half today. Tomorrow I'll have to get more hours in since the boss (aka the husband) needs some presentation work by late afternoon. No problem. Not too much planned for the day except Dad's daily trip out for coffee and pastry. (I had the most delicious blueberry cheese danish this morning. Oh my gosh. It was heaven. And, yes, for those of you lifting your eyebrows in question of me actually willingly eating blueberries -- I assure you, I did. I have witnesses!)

At any rate, it is way too late now and I must crawl into my way comfy bed and read a few pages before falling asleep with the light on. Oh, that sound so good!


Marin said...

Hello Kate,
A name, not out of your past but your sister's, Kevin Mattias here. Gillian turned me on to your blog about six months ago. Of all the blogs I read, which is about a handful, you are the most consistent poster.

I don't know if your sister mentioned it or not but my family and I live just south of Portland in Milwaukie. In your blog, you mentioned that your parents where in town. I don't know if it would be possible, but I would sure like to see them again while they are in town.


Kendall's Mom said...

I must make for you my blueberry muffins... trust me.