Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Finally Succumbed...

I did it. I did what I flatly refused to do.

I joined FaceBook.

The opportunity for virtual bullying is just so great (as we've all heard about in MySpace) that I just didn't want to have any part of the whole virtual social networking thing.

But as a parent of a tween, I need to be aware of what's happening in the teen world. Secondhand knowledge isn't good enough. It's only a year or two before Hayley and her friends will be all over FaceBook and MySpace, so I figure I better give myself a headstart in figuring it all out!

Just glancing through it yesterday for a few minutes made me feel that I really will need a year or two to figure it out. There is just so much there to investigate and play around with.

I took a few minutes to scroll through my high school graduating class. I kept laughing! So many people have changed their names just a little -- Lisa became Leeza, Jana became Janae, etc. And there were so many people I'd completely forgotten about!

Now comes the part when I have to decide if I want to contact any of these people, like my best friend from elementary school. We'd fallen out by the time high school rolled around -- do I really want to reintroduce myself?

Ah, decisions, decisions...

So if any of you are on FB, let's become "friends"! *gag* (How dumb is that "friends" thing?! We're already friends with most of the people we'll chat regularly with. And if we don't regularly chat (or want to chat) with them, do we really consider them friends?)

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